February 19, 2011

Third and final year…

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Well I have made it into my third and final year at Uni and I feel very proud of myself…and petrified.  Who knew that my last year at Uni would bring me so much fear?!  Where will I go next?  Am I good enough?  Can I do this?

I’m sure that everybody asks themselves these questions and the answer is YES! Everybody has the ability to do anything that they want, self belief and experience just gets you there. 

Fear is scary yes, but I see it as a good thing…it gets the ball rolling.  It shows that you want something for yourself and you care so I REALLY care…a lot!

Is anybody else feeling this way or is it just me?

Even just talking about the fear has helped, so if anybody else is in need of a therapy session for theirs then let me know :-).


May 14, 2010

What are your thoughts?

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So far this blog has been written for my MAC 299 module in Social Media, but now that the deadline is approaching, I would love to know what your thoughts are of my blog.

Some of you may be happy to know that I am going to keep on blogging about fashion and style, so I hope that you keep reading :).

Let me know what your opinions are :).

May 13, 2010

Old Style Fashion.

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This post is dedicated to all of those older fashions from decades ago.

Some of my personal favourites are Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy and Marianne Faithfull. Style was fairly different to what it is now but I am very happy to annouce that some of the old fashions are making a much needed comeback!

Styles such as:

  • Florals.
  • Brightly coloured tights.
  • Headbands.

It is even quite popular for celebrities to copy-cat the older stars!

My favourite has to be Twiggy, she is so breathtakingly beautiful and her style is so bright and amazing that it is STILL in fashion.  I don’t think that I have seen a photograph of Twiggy in a bad outfit, she seems to get it right every time, I salute u Twiggy!

Who is your personal favourite?

What do you want to make a comeback?

Let me know.

Sarah :).

May 12, 2010

OUR Fashion Icon – Leighton Meester!

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Following on from the poll, you have chosen Leighton Meester as your fashion / style icon! 

I do have to agree that she carries a great style and she is a fabulous influence to young girls, she shows how sophistication and chic can mix with sex appeal without giving that ‘slutty’ look which a lot of socialites her age are so famous of doing!

Here are some of my personal favourites of her outfits:

Even in Gossip Girl she is one of the most stylish characters with her old fashion styling meeting modern times:

I know that the Leighton Meester fans of the world will probably criticise me for this, but I would have to say that my favourite fashionsta in and out of character of Gossip Girl is Taylor Momsen leading the rock chic look!

Are you pleased with this result?

What do you think of Leighton Meester style? Yey or ney?

Let me know :).

May 8, 2010

OUR Fashion/Style Icon.

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From the past few comments that you have made, you have made it clear who  your icons are! 

Let me know who your favourite is and there will be a post dedicated to them to show off their fashion and unique style :).

Let me know what you think :), your vote counts!

May 5, 2010

Festivals don’t have to be grungy!

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The countdown for Summer festivals has begun and I personally cannot wait for T in the Park!

Not only am I excited to see the bands that will be performing, I am also excited to see what people are going to be wearing.  I know that so many people love dressing up for festivals and getting in to the swing of it all.

This is for all of those people who are like me and find festivals a great way of showing off their fashion expertise and personal style.

The essentials are very important to remember, such as:

  • Wellies not only keep your feet warm and dry but add to the style of your outfit.  Hunter wellies are very popular at the minute and are one of the best brands that you can buy.  Pixie and Peaches Geldolf love them, they are THE boot of choice for celebrities.
  • A hat not only hide the greasy mop which your hair becomes after days of sleeping in a tent but adds an extra edge to your outfit.  Straw hats are very popular with stars like Sienna Miller, who is one of the world’s biggest fashion icons.
  • Sunglasses play a huge part in finishing an outfit.  At the minute, the bigger the sunglasses, the better!

Florals have been huge this year and they plan on making an appearance at music festivals to add to that boho chic look which everyone is going for, I know that I am!

Sienna Miller is great person to follow for festival style, she is the queen of boho chic!  I will be trying to go for this look this year, fingers crossed!

The Don’ts of Festival Fashion – PAY ATTENTION!

  • Do not try to wear white because you will just look dirtier than what you are.  Whites never stay white at a festival.
  • Heels are a big no no! Mud, alcohol and miles to walk mixed with heels just equals disaster!


I hope that this post has helped you to decide what you will be taking the festivals :).

Are you going to festivals this year? What style will you be going for?

May 3, 2010

My Fashion Icon.

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She is one of most powerful women in the music industry at the minute and she is my ultimate fashion icon.  She wears whatever she wants to wear and always pulls it off with her confidence and her unique style.

Just in case you haven’t guessed who I am talking about, it’s RIHANNA!

This outfit was worn when she appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and I think that she looked absolutely stunning and I absolutely adored her outfit. Even though it is something that I would never think of wearing, she really pulled it off, I think that this is one of the best outfits that she worn.

I understand that this post is basically just photo’s of Rihanna, but I thought that I would just show you all examples of her outfits that are some of my favourites!  To be honest, in my opinion I have never seen a bad outfit on Rihanna no matter whether it is conventional or not, she doesn’t follow fashion trends, she creates them!

What do you think of Rihanna’s outfits?

Who is your fashion icon?

Let me know :).

April 27, 2010

Style Hunt.

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Galaxy FM has launched a style hunt to find the most stylish female!

The winner has to give Cheryl Cole, Sienna Miller and Rihanna a run for their money with the smallst possible price tags.  The winner also wins a trip to New York and £5,000 to spend on the new season’s looks!

Log on to www.galaxyfm.com to nominate somebody or enter yourself, but be quick because the closing date is on 29th April!

Is there anyone who you feel deserves the title, the nation’s most stylish woman?

What do you think makes a person truly stylish?

April 26, 2010

Matthew Williamson.

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Following on from the poll, the results showed that your favourite designer was Matthew Williamson and his collection.

Here are some examples from his future collections!

Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.

Do you have a favourite collection? Which ones are your favourite?

Are you thinking of purchasing any of these items?

Let me know :).

April 24, 2010

An overview of our future fashion trends.

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These images show the entire collection of future trends!

What do you think? What do you like? What don’t you like?

Would you add anything else to the collection?

Let me know :).

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